HMS lederkurset gjorde en fyrkantig regelkurs till något lustfyllt som kan bidra till ökad lönsamhet i verksamheten.

Christian Rudén VD Bonnier Responsmedier Group AB

Order courses

The courses take into account the new requirements of the ISO standards (Oct 2015)


The course consists of:

- Helping customers adapt the system for their business.
- Adapting the procedures and checklists.

2 days course reviewer representatives

The course consists of:

- Systematics in HSE work
- Teaching of the system requirements cf . § 5.1 to 5.8
- HSE goals
- Risk Analysis
- Internal Audits
- A safety inspection and other surveys
- Case follow-up and reporting
- Participation Requirements and what this entails
- 6 new HSE Regulations which were introduced in 2013

Document management

The course consists of:

- Document management
- Create documents
- Using documents with audits
- Working with documents
- Document templates and options in header and footer

Super users

Refresher course

New Super users and managers can also participate in this course, provided that they have some experience with the system.
Thanks to our active and creative super users among our most enthusiastic customers, we are constantly developing solutions in Qm+ that provide better and simpler management possibilities. Ease of use and new features that give new possibilities will be presented and discussed in the course. Depending on the time, it will also be possible to get help for individual adaptations.

Qm+ for managers

The course consists of:

- Better control and management using graphical overview
- Create employee participation
- Review of the event types, causes and consequences
- Cost-effective quality management
- Financial management with Qm+

Risk Analysis

The course consists of:

- Methods for annual risk analysis
- The process for event-based and object-based methods
- Examples of daily Safe Job Analysis (SJA)

Course calendar

16 Mai
Wednesday 16th of May: Course for super users for AFK, Registration here
22 May
29 & 30 May